Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Drought and the California Mentality

This morning, while speaking with someone on the phone, the topic of gardening came up. Huh! Go figure!

Through the course of this conversation it became clear that this avid gardener I was speaking with has either no clue or no care about the California drought. Most likely, it is no care or concern. Her statement to me this morning was this, "I am not letting my grass and landscape die because of this drought. I have invested too much money."

And so there you have it. The California mentality all wrapped up into 2 simple sentences. And it all comes down to money.

Money people have spent on landscaping.

Money people have spent on landscaping and plants that have no purpose other than to look pretty and have no business growing in Southern California.

I have not blogged in a while because I have made a decision to not say anything until I have something to say.

Today, my gardening friends, is the day. I have something to say.

And I have one question for you: What is your garden doing?

In other words, why is it there? Why is it growing? Does it have a purpose other than looking pretty? Is it a responsible use of resources?

Does it really all come down to money for you? The money you've spent? Are appearances all that important? Will you feel the same way when you are paying for water to be trucked in so you can brush your teeth every and flush your toilet?

Get over the perfect landscape, people. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and start thinking about the future of life in our state. Your lawn is not going to feed you. And, eventually, it will die because your water will either be cut off or too expensive to waste on growing grass and ornamental landscape. .

Rant over. Thank you for reading.

Friday, April 10, 2015

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wood Streets Gardens: The Exit Strategy

Wood Streets Gardens growing food for health and posterity.
Wood Streets Gardens growing food for health and posterity.
Yes, we do plan on leaving Wood Streets Gardens behind us.  Truth be told, it is going to be a tough move. If I could I would pick up the gardens, load them on a truck and take them with us.

We - I - really want out of the city. I want more open space. I want freedom to do what I want on my property. I don't want to hear our neighbors flush their toilet. I don't want to smell the perfumed dryer exhaust when they are doing laundry or the scent of their freshly, over-chlorinated pool.  I want the freedom to have as many chickens and roosters as I choose.

It won't be this year. We have a five year move-out plan. In five years we are outta here! Sooner if things go well, and that would be a welcome change. At the end of the term Tom will be able to retire, we will be able to sell the property with cash out and move to our dream destination, wherever that is. Somewhere cool, but not cold, with plenty of water. 

We have much to do to prepare.  While 5 years seems like an eternity, it will go by quickly. It will. It has to or I will go insane. Keeping busy will help preserve my sanity
It is a bit ironic that our move- out plan is the impetus for starting a real garden business with products and marketing and profit or loss statements. Though our little postage stamp in the city may not produce a full-fledged farm income, every bit of cash it generates will fund the move. A bit of ingenuity and creative use of space and resources just might bring in more cash than even we think possible. And I tend to dream big.  

The business will rely on the gardens we have grown. We have several products in the development stage which I hope people will love so much that we can't keep them on the shelves. The best part is none of these products require cooking or baking for people. Been there, done that. Not again.

Teas, tisanes, and a variety of specialty products from our gardens will be hitting the market soon, and I sincerely hope they are all huge hits. We really need to be wildly successful now so we aren't the proverbial burden on the kids when we are old and decrepit. Not that I plan on becoming decrepit, but stuff happens. Who knows?

It is time to get to it, get serious and get out of the city. Wherever we go, we will take with us our belief and practice of growing food for health and posterity.

I hope you'll follow us on our journey. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Happy gardening,

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